Due to time restrictions, the documentation provided at this time is very limited. When time permits, much more detail will be provided.

The software is very easy and straight forward to use. However, there are a few points that we need to share with you:

Songs can be searched by words within the song or by its song number.
For songs that have a chorus, the program will automatically insert the chorus between each verse of the song.
Pressing the Enter key when a highlighted song appears in the search results list will cause that song to be shown in the Slide Show view.

While in the Slide Show view, the following keys are used:
  ESC - Exit Slide Show view
  Up Arrow - Show previous slide
  Down Arrow - Show next slide
  0 or C - Show chorus (if exists)
  1-9 - Show corresponding verse
  Home - Show first verse
  End - Show last verse

For Multiple Monitor Configuration
When using multiple monitors, pressing the Enter key while in the Slide Show view shows the song on the second monitor. Pressing the ESC key once removes the song from the second monitor, but keeps the song displayed on the first monitor. Pressing the ESC key a second time ends the Slide Show view.